What People Are Saying

Choosing a quality breeder is an incredibly important decision when considering adopting any puppy. While we could use the latest marketing tactics to make you feel comfortable with choosing us as your breeder, we feel that the testimony of others is the best way for you to gain confidence in us.

These reviews and photos from some of our adopting families are largely unaltered, aside from some editing polish. It fills our hearts with joy to know our wonderful dogs have wonderful homes with these wonderful people!

Jim and Greta - Pipers Standard Poodles, Mansfield Ohio

Jim & Dr. Laura Conley, DVM

Rachael helped us pick the perfect pup from Winston and Eva's May 2016 litter. We love our Greta - she is so smart and is a picture perfect Standard. The doggie parents and pups are loved in a home environment and we were impressed with the Arneson's quality breeding.

I love sending update pictures to Rachael as Greta grows -- She is always so excited to follow Greta's progress!

Kevin & Dona T. 

Murphy came into our family in January 2014 and immediately became a central part of our lives. From the beginning he has provided companionship, love and entertainment. He is very people oriented and loves to hang around his family pack -- especially when anyone will throw a ball for him!

As a puppy Murphy was very well adjusted and easy going. We believe this is because of the Home environment that he started his life in. The Arneson's did a terrific job laying the groundwork in puppy Murphy's life: providing security, hugs & kisses and plenty of home experiences - all of which made for an easier transition into a new family and routine.

We would recommend, and have already recommended, Piper's Standard Poodles to anyone looking to add a Standard Poodle into their lives.

Murphy, Piper's Standard Poodles, Mansfield Ohio

Piper's Standard Poodles

Carol Reece, NP

Rachel and Rick matched my personality to the most wonderful, beautiful, intelligent perfect standard I’ve ever known.

As an empty nester without previous puppy experience I was delighted with our calm tempered, eager to please, so crazy intelligent, gentle and loving puppy.

Her physical markings, bone, and muscular development are remarked upon as outstanding by our veterinarian group practice and all that meet her.

Rachel and Rick provide continued support as I traverse important milestones to ensure she is strong, healthy, and happy.

I attribute my SPOO’s outstanding disposition and health to her amazing mother and father. Piper’s Poodles are first and foremost happy playful members of Rachel and Rick’s home. I’m already looking forward to adding to our family.

God bless you Rachel and Rick for your sincere commitment to bringing into the world wonderful standard poodles for us to love and treasure.

Kathy & Bob



I just want you to know what incredible joy you've added to our lives!  Artoo is beyond our wildest dreams.  She is so smart and fun and loving and adorable--I just can't tell you how happy she's made us.  I think I've laughed more since she's come into our lives than I did throughout the entire part of my life before her!

She has eagerly accepted her role as Sheriff of Cattown, and she now considers all the cats her best friends.  Especially my main housecat, Bartley, who swatted her good on the second day, but who has since laid down to sleep beside her.  When I am cuddling her, he often tries to come lie down between the two of us.  He seems to thinks she's funny too, although he does tend to roll his eyes when she's barking at her food bowl.

Artoo thinks Bartley is incredibly brave, because he goes right into the pen with the chickens.  Artoo is willing to eat chicken poop, but she's still a little leery of the chickens themselves.  Even so, she is a very brave animal, and has not yet come up against anything that really scares her.

So, once again, thank you for raising such an incredible animal, and please know your efforts have certainly paid off.  We could not be more happy--all three of us!!


... Oh, and I forgot to tell you the cats don't consider her the Sheriff of Cattown.  They consider her The Red Menace . . . :)

Jennifer Roth

If you are looking for a loving Standard Poodle for your family, look no further. Piper's Poodles are the best! I followed Rachael and Piper's Standard Poodles on Instagram for months. I already have an 11 year old Standard Poodle and wasn't looking for a puppy. However, over the months that I was following them on Instagram, I fell in love. Not only with the beautiful dogs, but also with the way Rachael and her husband rick treated them.

Rachael and Rick treat their Poodles as though they are members of the family. They don't keep them separated or crated for breeding purposes. Their poodles sleep in their bed, swim in their pool, and have the run of the house.

One day Rachael posted a picture of their new litter of puppies and that was it. I fell in love. I knew I wanted to adopt one but I had a couple of concerns. One of those concerns being that they are located in Ohio and I am in Chicago. The other was making sure I  was getting a puppy with the right temperament to get along with my older dog.

When I spoke with Rachael she assured me that many of their clients were out of state and that they could make arrangements to help us with the location issues. She also assured me that she would help me select the best puppy based on our families needs.

We flew to Ohio to meet Rachael, Rick and the puppies when they were four weeks old. They were so patient with us as we played with the puppies and saw their different personalities and temperament. From the beginning Rachael thought one puppy in particular would be a great fit. After meeting all of them, Rachael was right.

When it was time for "Louie" to make the trip to Chicago, the Arneson's recommended a wonderful woman they work with  whom we could  work with to have "Louie" flown home. She was great and made the process very simple.

Once you look at their website and speak with Rachael and Rick, you can tell how much they love their dogs and that they are extremely passionate about what they do.

Louie is almost 5 months old and is a wonderful addition to our family.

I have had dogs all of my life, but this was by far the best experience.

As I said earlier, if you're looking for a Standard Poodle and a loving breeder - there is no better place than Piper's Standard Poodles

Liz & Nate

I have wanted a standard poodle for as long as I can remember. I have allergies and low shedding, low dander dog was something that I needed, and they are such a great breed I could not find a single downside. My husband and I had been looking at breeders in the area again (I had looked a few years prior on a whim, knowing I could not actually get a dog at that time) and I came upon Rachael and Rick’s website. I could tell their dogs were 100% a part of the family and they loved each puppy until he or she went off to their “furever” home.

Jameson joined our little family in October of 2016 and was in Mia and Jackson’s first litter of pups.
Rachael has been wonderful through the whole process from matching us with the perfect pup for our lifestyle, to the meet and greet, and even after we took little Jameson home. I still keep in contact with her regularly, asking questions, and advice, and of course sharing pictures and stories on Instagram. She is always speedy to respond and clearly a high-quality breeder who cares deeply for the well-being of each and every pup she and Rick send out into the world.

We love our little fuzz ball and cannot believe how fast he is growing. He has been such a joy for us. Even my dad, as self-proclaimed dog hater, has given Jameson a few pats when he is visiting and even played fetch with him once (he is truly a model retriever I can see why poodles are used as hunting dogs). I even converted my husband to 100% pro-poodle. He had grown up with labs and doesn’t think he would ever want to go back to a lab, even if my allergies were not an issue.