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Seven of the Best Grooming Products for Standard Poodles

Seven of the best grooming Products for Standard Poodles

Over the years I have used and researched many tools & products for grooming.

Here are seven of my favorite products!

combs & brushes

1.) The Oster Professional Pet Grooming Comb (Coarse w/ Handle)

I have used the Oster Comb I have had since 2013! It is very sturdy and works great for a quick comb or to remove mats.


2.)The Oster Premium Plastic Pin Brush

I use this Oster Pin Brush to be perfect for a quick brush! I wouldn't recommend it to remove any tangles, but for a light brushing that my Poodles enjoy, this is my go to!



3.)The Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush

Miracle Coat Slicker Dog Brush, Large
MiracleCorp Products

It took me a few years to find a slicker brush I really liked. Most of the slicker brushes out there tend to be very stiff which hurt my Poodles. The Miracle Slicker Brush was the product I was looking for - it's just the right stiffness!



4.) The Sensei 11.75in Coarse/Fine Grooming Comb

Sensei products are fantastic! I have tried many poodle combs and this comb is by far the best I have used.
They are made in Japan, but I purchase my Sensei Combs & Shears directly from Dennis Geib.
He can be reached at: 214-676-4832. 




The final three products are all from TropiClean. I really like the TropiClean products because they are all natural and soap free, which makes them gentle on my pack's skin. I bath them every other week. I use the OXYMED on Winston during the spring because he has seasonal allergies and it really helps him!

5.) Tropiclean Natural Kava Dog Shampoo

6.) TropiClean OXYMED Medicated Pet Shampoo

7.)TropiClean D-Mat Pet Tangle Remover

Gracie at 4 months old. 

Gracie at 4 months old. 

Don't worry I will be adding more soon.

Keep checking for updates!!

5 Standard Poodles... Really??

                                " Sit"


              Standard Poodle Pool Party

              Standard Poodle Pool Party


The top 3  reasons I love my standard poodles

1.Their Curls

I love their curly hair because I have straight hair like a 1970's flower child. Each one of my poodles has a different type of curls. Mia has very wooly tight tight curls which are the easiest to groom. Eva and her daughter Gracie have tight curls but their hair is less wooly which makes it fluffy. And the boys, Winston and Jackson have the softest feeling hair, their curls are tight but more open than the girls.


2. Their Cleverness

I love how intelligent they are, makes them easier to train. Eva has figured out how to open 3 baby gates. Jackson can open all the interior doors in the house, so he can get out of the room or into the room if we don't lock the door. I know that one of his puppies, Reuben,  also does this trick. Winston has worked in a pediatric office with children who are getting shots, he loved being with the little ones while they were a little afraid. Gracie is very obedient and she is amazing at recall. The only time she has trouble listening is when there is a bird in the yard. Mia is a great retriever on the land and in the water. Every morning she brings a ball to me or my husband, Mia is always ready to fetch.


3. Their Companionship

My pack of poodles are the best companions. My husband & I have been empty-nesters for the last 5 years so having the poodles has helped filled the gap. The poodles follow me from room to room all day long which is wonderful 98% of the time. If I go outside, they go outside, if I go swimming they go swimming (all but Gracie she hates the pool), when I watch TV, Gracie & Jackson join me while the others take a nap.